Tim Nicholls' Bio

From an early age I would watch my older brother, Lance, tinker on his BMX bikes and I was instantly intrigued and completely hooked. Then spectating, I could not wait to be riding on my own. I can still remember the first ride without my training wheels, even if I screamed and cried and begged Lance to not remove them.  Soon after that though, I would be building jumps out of plywood and bricks like every adolescent kid does with my friends and we would try to imitate our heros. Even back then I knew I wanted to surround myself in the cycling world, and I believe I’ve been pretty successful in doing so . I started racing mountain bikes at age nine, then racing BMX at 13. And when everyone starts to forget about bikes when they get their first car, I took the other route and used my Volkswagen Bus to transport my friends and I to wherever the next race or trails were. Then came the road and track bikes widening my spectrum of this passion I hold so near and dear to my heart. I truly can not imagine my life without bicycles. It is my everything, seeded in my blood and veins. Now I hope to share that love with my son, Levi, as well as each and every cyclist who is searching for the next epic tour or trail ride, or just a cruise to the corner store.

And now, partnering up with Bruce Gordon, I plan on extending my love and passion to the rest of the cycling community near and far. We will be offering a complete, full service, top notch bicycle repair shop based out of the current location that houses Bruce’s frame shop, retail storefront and collection of his personal bikes from the last 42 years. Services will include, tune-ups, large and small, custom wheel builds, suspension services and overhauls, complete refurbishing’s and much, much more.  Plus, with the attached frame shop and paint booth, we can create that special something you’ve always dreamed about. Also, with just myself handling repairs, you can be confident that you will get the exact service and quality you expect. I can guarantee you will not find another repair service that oozes as much love and passion into everything we do. Truly a one of a kind shop and something everyone should see and experience. I look forward to meeting everyone who walks through the door and hearing your latest and greatest ride plans and adventures, and hope to share some of mine with you as well.  Now go ride your bike!

Tim, Head/Sole Mechanic.

Past Experience:

Pacesetter Bikes, Service & Sales, 1999-2001

Performance Cyclery, Service & Sales, 2001-2003

Marzocchi Suspension, Technical Support & Warranty, 2003-2005

Newhall Bicycle Company, Service, 2005-2006

Cynergy Cycles, Service, 2006-2009

The Bicycle Wheel, Service, 2009

Paul Component Engineering, Assembly, Machine Operator, 2009-2016