Stainless Strapless Toe Clips

The Strapless Clips for Regular Shoes

  • A Tubular Stainless Steel version of our Strapless Mini Toe Clips.
  • They are made of 3/16 inch tubing.
  • This gives about 1mm more toe clip clearance.
  • The weight of a pair of Mediums is 68 grams per pair or 2.2 ounces per pair.
  • They run larger than traditional sizing.
  • A medium is what I recommend for a size 10 to 11.5 shoe size.
  • Available in Small (shoe size 10 and under), Medium (10 to 11.5), Large (12 and up) sizes, and new boot sized clips for large toed shoes.
  • Boot Clip for high toe box shoes.

Sizes are just suggestions - it depends on type of shoe and desired foot position.

Price: $72 per pair (pedal not included)
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