The Shop has Closed as of February 1st 2018 - I'm continuing to sell from my house via my Online Webstore - all items shown are available for immediate Shipping -

My name is Bruce Gordon; I manufacture custom bicycles in Petaluma California. I have been making custom bicycles for 46 years, since 1974. I started as an art major, which helped give me the tools to look and create things in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.



   "It is my four decades of experience as a frame builder that allows me to make a bicycle that fits a specific purpose, or set of needs."

     Function, is the single most important idea behind building a bike for the customer. Your bike has to meet your needs, but it should be done in an aesthetically pleasing way, but first is function. 



  Where things are made is a big deal.  

  Many companies design things and have them made at lower cost in other countries, in the name of profit.  We believe in ethically sourced products, which maintain a better quality of life for the people who actually make them.



      We are here to build you a custom bicycle that is an extension of your personality. Building a bike that rides, fits, and looks how you want it to be is necessary; it fosters a story between you and your bike that will last a lifetime. 

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